Weekly Summary

This week has taught me that I have no idea what goes into creating a website, not that I thought I knew before. Just creating the website was easy enough but then it came time to link it to a domain and from there it went all downhill. I don’t know if the buttons I’mContinue reading “Weekly Summary”

The Joy of ds106

Ross is very calm and it seems like his motto/view is to to jump right in with no hesitation and that nothing is a mistake which I think in a way is right. Nothing is a mistake, only a learning period. “Just let it go. I don’t know exactly where we’re going with this, andContinue reading “The Joy of ds106”


Hi everyone. My name is Jasmyne. I am a junior/senior at Mary Washington with a major in Biology. I don’t really know how this blog thing works but everything is working so far. Dashboard José Guadalupe Posada

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